Why I Became a Page 3 Girl

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Lets face it…It’s not exactly a typical career choice.

When I was 18 and deciding what I wanted to do with my adult life after college, my first thought wasn’t “I want to get my knockers out for the national papers.”  Fast forward 12+ years later and here I am, the longest standing page 3 girl ever – still appearing on the 3rd page today, albeit somewhat more covered up.

But one question people always seem to ask me in my daily life, is why I chose to become a glamour model in the first place, often pointing out that my boobs are all over the internet for people to see – and questioning whether I’m embarrassed by it.

I’m not.

People assume that Page 3 girls don’t have much else going for them except a cracking pair of breasts and a shapely figure. But what most don’t know about me is that I was actually a grade A student in school. Life growing up for me wasn’t easy – I was bullied, ironically for being flat chested and nerdy – and I also massively lacked in confidence too.

For someone who thoroughly enjoyed chess and homework club – let me tell you, getting my t***s out for everyone to see couldn’t have physically been any further away from what I saw myself doing. But life has a funny way of making things happen.

Before entering into the world of Page 3, I was working part time at a telecoms company earning minimum wage. It was actually my boyfriend at the time that set the wheels in motion for what led to me becoming a glamour model. He had booked me my very own photo shoot as a birthday present. The first time that I’d ever worn a full face of make up and stepped in front of a camera. I remember feeling very nervous at the time but couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the images afterwards, questioning whether that was really even me.

I tried my luck and sent the photos to Samantha Bond – a huge agent in London who at the time was Katie Price’s modelling agent. From then on my whole life changed. Before I knew it, I was signed up to the biggest glamour modelling agent overnight – and booked on my first job before I’d even blinked.

I was thrown into an industry I knew absolutely nothing about – and it’s honestly the best thing to ever happen to me, apart from meeting my husband, of course. I’ve travelled the world, met people I would never have even dreamed of meeting – and financially I went from a minimum wage part time job to earning a of a lot of money overnight. Back in the day it could have been up to £15k+, just for one single shoot.

Page 3 has given me endless opportunities. Its allowed me to become financially stable and to pay my own way in life – taxes included. Being topless and wearing a small pair of panties has become my uniform – and I will forever be proud to have been a part of such a huge British institution.

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